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We provide solutions using the following products:

Hire Purchase

A hire purchase is a finance arrangement used to pay for goods over a period of time, usually one to five years.  Rather than paying the full cost upfront, the ownership is retained by the financier until the hire purchase term is complete and you have made your final repayment.  At the end of the hire purchase term the title of the goods automatically passes to you.

You can elect to have a balloon payment at the end of the hire purchase term. This balloon payment will reduce your regular repayments.

The client claims depreciation and an interest component for tax purposes. GST is paid up front on the purchase and not paid on the repayment. GST is claimed over the course of the loan contract.

From a taxation perspective, a hire purchase arrangement may be beneficial. As it is deemed as a sale, a GST liability will arise, which you may be able to claim upfront rather than yearly as you make repayments.

The interest rate component of your hire purchase repayments and any depreciation on equipment may also be claimable for taxation purposes.

You should investigate the taxation and accounting implications of a hire purchase arrangement prior to committing to this form of finance.

Chattel Mortgage Finance

A chattel mortgage is similar to a residential mortgage, except the finance provided is used to purchase vehicles or equipment rather than property.

With a chattel mortgage, ownership of the goods passes to you on purchase, however the financier retains a charge or mortgage until the debt is repaid in full.

This product has become very popular as title to the goods belongs to the purchaser from the beginning. The financier has a bill of sale over the goods until the loan is finalised. The GST component of the purchase is claimed on the next submitted BAS statement. Depreciation is claimed as a tax benefit as well as the interest component.

A chattel mortgage is particularly useful for any business operating on a cash method of accounting, including companies, partnerships and sole traders, as it allows you to claim the GST component of any vehicles or equipment you purchase upfront.

A chattel mortgage is usually a fixed interest loan with a one to five year term.  It is generally secured by the vehicle or equipment you are purchasing.  As with a hire purchase agreement, you may choose to make a balloon payment or lump sum payment at the end of the loan term, reducing your ongoing repayment amount.

You should thoroughly investigate the taxation and accounting implications of a chattel mortgage prior to committing to this form of finance.

Lease Finance

Commercial leasing is an accepted and well established form of equipment financing enabling businesses to obtain vehicles, plant and equipment.

The Lease Agreement normally has provision for a predetermined Residual Value, which must be paid at the end of the lease term. At the end of the lease the client may wish to re-lease the asset for a further term rather than by paying the Residual Value.

With Lease Finance, a leasing company takes ownership of the asset and then leases them to your business for an agreed repayment amount and term.

A Lease Finance agreement is a fixed rate, fixed term contract.  Lease payments are also usually tax deductible and you should be able to claim the GST proportion of your payments for tax purposes.

As with all other types of business finance, you should investigate the taxation and accounting implications of leasing finance prior to committing to this form of finance.

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